Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Little Cousins

I am missing all my little cousins lately..miss them alot coz i rarely got to spend time with i wish that i could get a few days off and just have fun with all of them eventho i know it will be very tiring .. :)

Now, they are all about 2years + and definitely they have a lot of new skills as they grow up.
Aleiah started talking, pelat-pelat sikit.. kakak is tatak for aleiah.. mak long is mak lon.. areif is very hyper, running here and there showing us all kinds of tricks and 'dance' move.

Unfortunately, i didnt have a chance to meet Adam and Ammar during my short trip to Melaka a few days ago. All i got to say is GERAM sangat dengan dorang.. Cute!!! Ammar got GIGI already. Adam can now borak-borak with us eventho pelat.. Argghhh..rinduuu..

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today is my 1st day working after my 1day off on 14 Nov. Its a tiring day for me on my off day as my sis n me headed back to melaka after I finished work at 00:30. We reached home at about 03:00, take a short shower and straight to bed. In the morning i woke up at about 11:00, it was raining heavily but i just had to get up and go the hair salon and got my hair trimmed. Settle a few major things and we went to Carrefour and make appointment to have lunch with our papa at U.S. Pizza. While waiting, i got myself a new pair of working shoes.

For lunch we ordered a set for 4pax which includes a large pizza (pepperoni+double cheese), a pitcher of iced tea, garlic twist, mushroom soup plus another chicken salad. Burrppp* kenyang bangat please.

Around 16:00 make our move back home and on the way back tapau asam pedas for my nenek and uncle that were coming in the evening. Got to meet Aleiah but shes a little bit sick, stomach ache. Late in the evening we got plans to celebrate Mamat's birthday and we had our little celebration in the seafarers restaurant near Lereh...i think... =) Ordered some soft shelled crabs, pai tees, juices..and of course some cute little cakes for birthday boy.
it was just nice for the four of us (mamat, abul,myself and my sis ) as the others couldnt make it.

Got back home around 23:00+ and packed our stuffs to go back to Nilai and before heading to the highway, dropped by Tengkera Bistro to meet papa as he is having his Teh Tarik session with some of the WCM members there
After Tengkera Bistro, we make our move back to Nilai and reached Nilai home at about 02:00+..

Prepares myself to ZZzzzZZZzzzz..

Thats all folks, my activities on my off day 14Nov09

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It's around 4.30am as i'm typing this. Nothing much just wanted to share about my current life. Lately i have been a little stressed out on my job, about giving a piece of my mind and making other people understands what is happening in the front line. Today i'm feeling frustrated and abit demotivated, like what i felt about 2 months ago. A closed friend here told me to speak out and let people hear what i have in mind and stand up on the things that i know is right. Make them understand then let them deliberate and decide. Its not that i don't want to spit it out but i did it before. Should i try it again...??for how many times??hmmm..for now, let me just make peace and be quiet..

See how it goes.
Nite peeps!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Having my break, alone in front of silver kris lounge and thinking about things that have been happening lately. The guilt is killing me thinking whether have we really do our part and is it the right move?? why is some people doesn't know how to regret and and realize on things that he had done before. Right now i think that we have done our best to save us and everything that we have. All this while, thought you have changed but NOT. Even we are communicating but it is hard trying to understand why you can't change. Nobody is perfect but people change and realize things that they shouldn't have done. Make a change. Please realize that we love you but what should we do now?? So that you will stop all this.

P/S: Hope YOU read this and understands the message. Takecare

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Morning peeps..dah lame rasa nya tak post any blog..rasa nya dah berhabuk dah blog aku recent update i'm currently working in KLIA,back..headache,kerja banyak and pressure..anyway its a chance for me to spread my wings for better opportunity..pray for me so that i'll be able to stand tall and keep my head up to face all this obstacles..
Selamat berpuasa..and hope for a better day..
My raya nanti tak sure la dapat cuti tak..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Climb

Lately i got nothing to post coz there is nothing much to share. Right now i am relieve that i am soon moving a step orward from all the things which have a nagative impact in my life. I have a new vision and mission eventho 2010 is about 6months ahead. I am glad that He is giving me a chance to bounce back and put my life on track and also plan for my future soon.

I'm almost almost 25 years old and i do not have a clear picture of my career. Most people told me that i will succeed in my career but it all comes back to me to do something about it and not to depend on faith and Him.

Soon anew part of my life will begin and i am a new person with new plans. its not that there will be no more fun in life just that i have to stop it for awhile for me start and work on my future.

Good Luck to me and to everyone in anything you are doin

Friday, March 6, 2009


Good Afternoon peeps.
Im done with those cupcakes i made yesterday and done delivering it too..
Today will be baking more cupcakes as i have just received ssome orders.
Im glad that we have some supporters and they like the cupcakes.
Im thinking to commercialize it but it may take some times.
I guess we'll be running it from home at the moment.
We are not trying to immitate anyones ideas.
Just tryng to offer to malaccans wot that they didnt have here.
Currently we are open for orderings and only in Melaka.
Anyone interested do contact us in advance

Delivery upon request..(depending on area)
Malacca only
10% from total amount.
Minimum 1dozen for delivery service.

Have fun~~

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chillin' with Aleiah

Right now i'm typing and at the same time eating some chicken porridge too.
Yesterday was a really exhausting day..its supposed to be night actually..

we finally got the HONOUR to take our little 1year and 4months old cousin for some chilling session..

We took her to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and she walked and run here and there and she's also shouting.. it seems that she's happy and trilled..excited..we are excited too..

at first when we are about to leave the house, she started to cry but we manage to cope with it and we gave her a cupcake to make her forget..and yes, she forgot about it..she was pointing at stuffs by the road and speaking babies language..=)

My sister and i got to entertain her, all the way to DP..

Finally we reached DP..We both held her hands and walked to quiksilver..And when she saw Adam, she cried.. Not sure why...usually shes ok..

so we took her for a stroll around the mall and bought her rocky sticks..

Im actually tired of chasing her around...

but its fun..we enjoyed it and i think aleiah enjoys it too..

last stop before heading home is McDonalds..

Bought her a happy seat and let :#000000 ; her play at the kids area..She conquers the whole area..after about 20minutes we headed home to send her..

Thank God she wasnt that cranky..

We didnt even have to change her diapers..Im not good at it.
My sis is better..


Good EVening.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Selamat siang.
Im back home..since sunday and ive not been out as my wounds is getting worst.
i visited the doc yesterday and she said that its infected. =(
she help me clean scary and sakit..
she gave me another ointment..mum told me to watch wot i eat as it might make my wounds become harder to heal.
so im becoming a lil vegetarian.
less sugar sweet stuff..
i have to stay home..mum and sis has gone out and im afraid to join them..
i would definitely have to walk, so im afraid it will make my wounds worst.
had a bread for breakfast and sum soup for lunch..almost like im on diet..

dats all for now.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today 21feb09 2:14am

Yesterday i slept at around 6am and woke up at 11am if i'm not mistaken.
Bake cupcakes and get ready to accompany my aunt to one u and for lunch.
Had lunch in chilis.
Jadi makngah's image and fashion consultant and manage to get some clothes at ms read and flips flop for nenek ku from roxy.

Sangat kenyang.
I think if stay longer here i will get fat.
Hari2 makan yg berat2..
homecooked carnonara.
tony roma's
wot else?
selepas bjalan2 balik kaki ku sakit kembali, jadi merah balik..
i'm panicking!!
rupa nya luka tu dalam jugak..
aku takut la..
tapi ku kuat kan hati untuk cuci and bubuh ubat.
Hope it will be ok soon..
please be ok fast.
tak tahan..bergerak byk dia merah balik and bengkak.

bila aku nak balik??